Why I Coach

I have personally benefited from coaching at key moments in my life. I tried out new adventures around the world and achieved peak performance in my sport, my work & life.

Now I strongly feel it is my turn to pay it forward. I am certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) , Seattle Coach and Positive Intelligence.

As a competitive swimmer I learned that physical and mental fitness are critical to success.

I am determined to empower leaders to transform themselves, their teams and their organization to be at their best by achieving well-being, healthy relationships, and peak performance.

My Journey

After obtaining my Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) and Masters in Economics (MS), I worked at Lehman Brothers, where I built my business and international acumen through stints in The Netherlands, the UK and the US. As an institutional sales manager I helped professional portfolio managers with their investment strategy, and guided CEOs and CFOs in their storytelling efforts with the investment community. I led diversity initiatives and set up a successful ‘Women in Investments’ network in The Netherlands.


Then I got sick. I found out my whole body was out of balance because of Celiac disease. I started listening to my body again and included healthier food, physical and mental fitness and sleep in my daily habits. I decided to put more focus on what and who was energizing me. I learned that well-being is key to being resilient and ultimately to being and performing at your best in sports and in life.

My Coaching

My professional mission is to empower you to be at your best by achieving peak performance, well-being and healthy relationships for you, your team, organization and our world. 

I am an executive coach for both leaders and their teams.  I also facilitate to teams and organizations SeattleCoach® Coaching for Leaders (CFL) program to develop your own Coaching Leaders and Coaching Culture and the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mental fitness program to increase your resilience and a positive mindset. I will use a blend of your character strengths, neuroscience of human change, cognitive and positive psychology,  performance science, critical listening and intentional questions to help you, your team and/or organization be and perform at your best.

I believe that each person, team and organization have the answers and wisdom within. Coaching will provide structure and accountability as you tap into your insights to achieve your goals and maximize your personal and professional potential.


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