• I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Janneke as my coach. She helped me figure out how I can be at my best, happy and effective. I learned what my signature strengths are, and more important how to use them more and abuse or overuse them less.

    My goal for coaching was to find out how to optimize my job for energy and impact. I also worked a healthier work-life balance.

    When I started working with Janneke I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and insecure, not completely happy with my job and work/life balance. I was not sure if I was on the right track. After our coaching (including the positive intelligence program) I felt strong, comfortable, and realized what made me happy and most effective. By incorporating more of my strengths at work I enjoy my work so much more and make more impact too. At the same time I had more time for other things in my life including taking care of myself, my family and friends.

    Janneke taught me:

    • How to cope with difficult situations and people more effectively in a positive mindset
    • Importance of incorporating selfcare in my daily routines to be at my best (which -for a pleaser- was challenging).
    • How to switch faster from a negative to a positive mindset
    • How to make a bigger impact while doing more of the things I love doing

    And apart from all mentioned above, she is a wonderful, smart and sweet person.

    Thanks Janneke

    Mariël Kroon Sr, Marketing Consultant at Make Marketing Magic

  • I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Janneke and experience her executive coaching firsthand. As co-founder and CEO of a marketing agency, I wanted to learn about how to lead with positivity and inspire the most creative and successful results from our team. Janneke’s leadership taught me lasting skills that I’ve already incorporated into our client work.

    Janneke lives what she teaches, so I learned not only from the tools she provided, but her example. She leads with sage wisdom, creating a space for our pod to learn together and asking questions that teach us to search for the answers within.

    If you’re considering working with Janneke, take the leap and get ready for positive changes in every aspect of your life!

    Ellie Victor CEO, ZOOM Marketing, Positioning Leader, Speaker, Animal Rights Advocate

  • Coming out of 2 years of Covid and remote working, Janneke led a day workshop with my team on Positive Intelligence to reground us, get to know ourselves and each other in a very trusted and open way and learned how to build innovation through new techniques. It gave our team ways to help each other on motivating and helping each other when things are hard. Janneke is a fantastic coach and I appreciated that she designed the workshop bespoke for us and she managed to get everybody deeply engaged and open to her. As a team we have now a new language and style that has improved our collaboration and innovation. Thank you Janneke

    Marianne Roling Microsoft Vice President Global System Integrators

  • Janneke is a gifted coach, and with ‘Positive Intelligence’ has a wonderful platform & tool to make very concrete steps forward with my professional and personal development. I have done quite a lot of coaching and training over the years. Whether much of it has stuck, I doubt, is undoubtedly not only down to the trainer/methodology but also to my choice to do something with it. The beauty of PQ is that it gives concrete guidance on what to do every day. You do this for such a period that it becomes part of your life, a patch in your brain, supported by Janneke and the App. The methodology is 1 but Janneke makes it very tangible for me. Not only for me but also for my colleagues who are super enthusiastic. They are happy & more effective, we speak the same language, and know how to help each other to beat out best. But a methodology is just a methodology and Janneke makes something beautiful out of it.

    Jos Maassen CEO and founder Make Marketing Magic

  • I am extremely grateful for having had the chance to work with Janneke as she led me and a close friend through a terrific training program that emphasized learning tools to change our mindset in how you approach life or work challenges.

    After losing my wife to cancer – it became quickly important to find ways to approach life with a positive and hopeful outlook.

    Janneke was patient, kind and encouraging, making sensitive discussions about personal strengths and shortcomings seem approachable.

    She was able to both push us when we needed it and gave us room to learn at our pace at the same time. Each week felt like real progress in growing our ability to use our new mental tools. Working with her was a privilege and it was life changing.

    Deke Lundquist Financial Advisor – UBS Financial Services

  • Janneke is a stellar PQ Coach. She led our 7-week team practice and PQ-powered team workshop for the Leadership & Culture organization at Pinterest. This gave us new language, commitments, and practices that are essential to personal success and the success of Pinterest. When we are PQ-charged, we can best lead transformation for the entire company. We are already seeing early signs of improved team norms & trust, better alignment & productivity, and improved cross-functional collaboration. Thank you for being our guide!

    Erin (Rybacek) McAuley Strategic HR Pinterest

  • Janneke, is a very mature and inspiring coach, with a natural talent to find a balance between making the coaches feel at ease while at the same time challenging their (hidden) aspirations. Next to all her professional learnings as a certified coach, she brings in her own experience as a finance professional, who knows what it means to perform under pressure. My personal experience to go through the Positive Intelligence training cycle has not only brought me insights in the saboteurs that stand in the way to optimally function as a professional, but also provided me with incredibly valuable tools that help me to perform better and support my colleagues, family and friends in multiple circumstances. I wish anyone aiming to personally grow his/her skillset the joy of a coaching session with Janneke.

    Martin Bolscher CEO | interim, transformation, restructuring, strategy development and team building.

  • I will admit to being skeptical at first about working with Janneke and doing the Positive Intelligence Program with my team. I have taken, literally, dozens of such courses across the 35+ years of being a professional game developer, software engineer and manager. While many did offer nuggets of good advice, there was nothing life-changing about any of them. This was totally different! While I was hoping to maybe get some good advice, look at some new studies, perhaps sharpen the tools a bit as a manager, this program was actually life changing. Having Janneke present, facilitate and guide us took it to another level entirely. Her empathy, understanding of how to apply the teaching, her leadership, her support was unmatched by any other person I have worked with across my entire career. Perhaps her greatest strength is simply her ability to listen and not just listen but to hear​ what you are saying. Not just saying it back or acknowledging it but actively understanding how to take what you’ve learned and apply it to that moment. This has been a time of great stress in my life both in work and beyond and Janneke was able to lead me through it and come out the other side. Our teams worked far better together and gained a much better understanding and empathy for each other as a result of her ability to coach and guide us. I truly enjoyed talking to her, listening to her insights and the help she was able to give me to navigate these very difficult times.

    Frank Savage, Manager Microsoft Azure Sphere Microsoft

  • Janneke listened carefully to my professional and personal goals and skillfully helped clarify, prioritize and define a path forward and to overcome the barriers to success. Her deep listening, experience and insight provided the guidance and support I needed to transform my goals into action and results. Janneke gave me the confidence and nudge I needed to bring forward the best version of myself. I definitely recommend Janneke to anyone seeking an executive coach.

    Jane Boulware Board Member, Speaker, Author, Coach, Advisor

  • Janneke is a professional and authentic coach with a very nice coaching style. She coached me in my transition from a full executive role to a ‘ new life’ outside of the commercial business This really helped met to think and decide about my ‘ principles’ and what to do next .. and not getting distracted by ego or other non helpful forces Lots of energy and great experience.

    Michel van der Bel CVP, Microsoft EMEA

  • Like most SeattleCoaches, Janneke van den Berkmortel came into training as an executive coach after a string of other professional and personal accomplishments. Now, as an internationally certified coach, she brings a mix of experience, wisdom, curiosity, humor, compassion and a bias for action. Good for you for finding her.

    Patricia Burgin, MA, Master Certified Coach Founder, CEO, Author of The Essential Coaching Leader

  • Janneke is an engaged and curious coach who is skilled at asking questions that stimulate clients toward both reflection and action. She is able to give coaching clients the space to explore goals and challenges, and also build a tangible plan that she helps hold clients accountable to. Janneke connects readily with people and is easy to work with.

    Caroline McGrath Owner Horn Partners LLC, Organizational Design & Effectiveness Consultant

  • Janneke is a talented coach who enables her clients to achieve what they seek. She connects easily with most anyone, and is adept at asking questions that surface core issues in people’s lives. I was able to quickly progress on several stubborn issues with her help and would seek her out again.

    Jeff Snell Management Consulting, Interim Leadership, Executive Coaching

  • I was fortunate enough to have Janneke as a Coach while in my first year in my new role at Microsoft, after a 12.5 year break from Microsoft. Her coaching practice and style was amazing from the day one, drawing out years of professional mistakes in communication and narrowing in on them one at a time through our “walk and talk” sessions, she helped me make significant progress. Janneke always focused in as a good coach would, and helped me find the inner wisdom and observations I had within me, and had yet to bring to the surface. No topic was too odd for Janneke, allowing me the time to talk through my struggles with my calendar, my presence in a meeting, the many ways I was betraying my messages with my body language, being vulnerable with others, and being there through two of the most difficult times in my life personally. Janneke is an authentic person, who believes and seeks truth in both her own experience and the experiences she helped me through. Researching and providing thoughtful guidance to help myself, I was amazed at the progress that we made together. I would highly recommend Janneke as a coach and look forward to the next time we work together.

    James Morris Principal PM lead, Azure Sphere Microsoft

  • Working with Janneke has been a life-changing experience. Finding a better work-life balance has not only improved my overall happiness and well-being but also my impact at work. Similar to spending time in the gym, training oneself for higher and more thoughtful impact takes time, commitment and a shift in thinking. Janneke provided me with the tools and training to make this shift and start unlocking my full potential. This helped me drastically increase my creative output and problem-solving capabilities. One immediate outcome is the development of an innovative solution in the accessibility space which I hope to be able to share publicly soon. Long term, I now have all the tools to further grow and use my full potential to help colleagues, customers and Microsoft innovate.

    The coaching has quite literally changed my thought process and the way I approach problems, whether it being at work or my private life. Each obstacle faced in life can be turned into an opportunity to learn and grow from. The theory of a growth mindset is key but hard to truly embrace without having experienced it for an extended period. Having had the privilege to live the growth mindset and break old habits throughout this coaching has been key to creating a long lasting impact. Thank you Janneke!

    John Helmes Senior Designer, Microsoft

  • I was lucky enough to work with Janneke at a pivotal point in my career and her emphasis on positive mindset has truly changed how I approach my work and work relationships. I looked forward to every session as Janneke is an extraordinary listener and her insights are always specific and targeted to your situation. She is a true inspiration and pushed me to build the career I wanted around me rather than spending time on energy depleting activities. Even though it didn’t come specifically from one of our meetings, I believe that our work led me to work up the courage to make some major changes I had been mulling in my work & personal life. I really can’t say enough about Janneke – I am just so grateful that we were able to work together and hope we can again in the future. Janneke helps you bring your best self to work every day and be excited to be relied on, help people and infuse passion into all of your interactions. Thank you Janneke!!!

    Matty Studivan Executive Producer at Squanch Games

  • After more than 25 years leading teams in the tech industry, at the beginning of 2020 I found myself at a significant crossroads in my career. I was feeling “stuck” and plagued by self-doubt and self-judgment. Going through the Positive Intelligence program with Janneke alongside our 1:1 coaching sessions was invaluable in helping me build new skills to shift my energy to focus on what is possible. As a coach in training myself and with over a decade of experience working with coaches previously, Janneke’s approach alongside the Positive Intelligence program gave me entirely new, pragmatic and powerful tools that I would not have been able to develop on my own. My mindset has completely shifted from where it was a year ago, I have a ton more energy both in my job and with my coaching clients and my negative inner critic “chatter” has nearly disappeared. I couldn’t recommend her more strongly!

    Corinna Calhoun Sr. Director of Marketing, Microsoft

  • I had the pleasure of working with Janneke as my Executive Coach. What I enjoyed the most about working with Janneke is her focus on Positive Intelligence and how to turn every situation into a positive outcome. I also liked her expertise on mindfulness and ideas for how to stay focused and present in stressful situations. She was always prepared for our sessions, remembered everything we discussed in previous sessions, and was quick to follow up with notes and new ideas for how to improve in my focus areas and career goals. She was engaged, energetic, present and cared a great deal about the success of our relationship. I would highly recommend Janneke and would look forward to working with her again!

    Gina Calhoun Director of Business Technology for Business Productivity, LinkedIn