My professional mission is to empower you to be at your best by achieving peak performance, well-being and healthy relations for you, your team, organization and our world. 

I am an executive coach for both leaders and their teams, certified by Seattle Coach and by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I also facilitate as part of the The SeattleCoach coaching for leaders (CFL) to help teams and organizations develop their own Coaching Leaders and Coaching Culture.

I believe that each person, team and organization have the answers and wisdom within. Coaching will provide structure and accountability as you tap into your insights to achieve your goals and maximize your personal and professional potential.

I will use a blend of your character strengths, neuroscience of human change, cognitive and positive psychology, performance science, critical listening and intentional questions to help you be at your best. Together we aim for lasting change by combining your insights with improved mental fitness =your capacity to respond to life challenges with a positive mindset.


Coaching Individuals

As your coach I will listen to you and help you identify your personal and professional goals, barriers that stand in your way, resources you need. I will help you define the next steps to make your goals realities and improve your mental fitness.

What I am looking for from you is your expertise, your strengths, your best self, willingness to answer questions and commitment to try out next steps that will help you get what you want.

A coach can help you be your best self, be more resilient and achieve peak performance well-being and healthier relationships in your professional and personal life.

Coaching Teams

As your team coach I can help you build a cohesive leadership team, identify and refine realistic common goals, eliminate barriers that stand in your way, improve the team’s mental fitness and help you create steps on how to achieve your common goals in a positive mindset.

I will collaborate with you and your team to realize your full potential. Together we can create an effective and safe environment, in which team members trust each other, openly share their thoughts, learn from mistakes and call each other on potential problems before they get out of hand.

During our coaching sessions we will build on the expertise, strengths and wisdom of all the team members to find next steps towards your common goals. Along the way I will empower you and your team to work and communicate more effectively, become more resilient, be happier and achieve their potential.

Coaching Culture

As part of SeattleCoach Coaching for Leaders, I grow coaching leaders in your organization, and empower them to use coaching skills and presence as one of their leadership tools. Together with your coaching leaders I will help your organization to grow a coaching culture.

SeattleCoach Coaching for Leaders (CFL) is a Master Coaching Class, where leaders meet for four quarterly off-sites, get customized training in coaching skills and presence, and practice in on-going peer groups.

SeattleCoach is a recognized training provider by the International Coach Federation (ICF), so at the close of your CFL, each leader receives documentation for 48 hours of ICF recognized coach-specific training.

Of all participants of CFL, 96% would recommend the program to other leaders, since it helped them to improve their personal presence and effectiveness, and to support their teams.

Coaching cultures are great places to work! They drive innovation, talent retentions, healthy relations, well-being and peak performance.

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