Three powers for exceptional Leadership

Three Leadership Powers to inspire Action

Leaders are normal human beings like you and me who struggle taking important and strategic decisions. To get the most important work done and to achieve peak performance, it is necessary to have hard conversations, create accountability, and to inspire action.

In order to inspire others to action, you need to be in a positive mindset that attracts people to trust and follow you. You need to have empathy for yourself and others and connect with them in such a way that they feel you care. You need to be able to navigate, to commit to putting 100% of your effort into a larger purpose, something bigger than all of you. You need to be able to activate and inspire others to do the same: speak persuasively — in a clear, direct, and honest way so that the others know you care — while you listen with openness, compassion, and love.

Even while being challenged, you can learn to be in a positive mindset. Here you are acting within the right side of your brain, where you can have, at the same time, access to the three above mentioned leadership powers.

Most of us are great at only one of the three powers, maybe two. To achieve peak performance — you need to excel at all three powers simultaneously!

Empathize Power

Empathy is about feeling and showing positive emotions like appreciation, compassion, and forgiveness. Having confidence in yourself can be linked to empathy for self. We all fall short of our ideals almost all the time. Empathy is about being ok with being a perfect imperfect human like everyone else. Only you can be the best version of you and can bring out your unique contributions into the world.

Deeper empathy for yourself typically makes it possible to have deeper empathy for others and results in better trust, understanding and connections. A great leader has empathy for others, knows what is important to them and finds out what they think and feel.

Navigate Power

Navigate is about choosing between various paths and alternatives based on a consistent internal compass. The coordinates on this compass give a sense of meaning and purpose to your life, at the same time they are your deeply held values. If you keep navigating with this compass, your cumulative choices will generate the fulfillment that comes from living life in alignment with your ideals and principles. As a leader, you often need to communicate your inner compass and connect to the inner compass of others to inspire action.

Activate power

You need your activate power when it is clear what course of action you want to take. Activate is about moving you and your team into pure action, where all your mental and emotional energies are calm, and laser focused. You are in a positive mindset/sage, without procrastination, distraction, or interference that Saboteurs cause.

To inspire action and achieve peak performance you need to be able to choose a positive mindset and excel in the Empathize, Navigate, and Activate powers simultaneously.

Are you mentally fit and able to meet challenges with a positive mindset?

What power(s) do you want to improve to become the best inspiring leader you can be?

If you are ready to work on inspiring action and achieving peak performance for you & your team, contact me for a complementary coaching session and/or check out the resources below.


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